Hello Hello Hello Jewels!!
Now I would like to announce our 2nd project for Eunhyuk Birthday ‎\(´▽`)/

But before I do the announcement,
For those who doesn’t know thw 1st project was,u can see ☞ http://bit.ly/ggZLlo the submission is already CLOSED and now I’m currently working on it,sorry because it might be kinda slow because I’m so lacking of time,please understand (◦’⌣’◦)
Hopefully I can finish it before H-10 of his birthday so it would arrived in time 😀

And FINALLY here’s the announcement!
if you missed the 1st project,u can join our 2nd project!
Aside the messages video I’ve compile,I also want to give him a gift such as: CUSTOMISED JACKET/HOODIE. And you can participate by:

1. Giving donation to this project. The money collected would be added into the Jacket’s expense.
Of course our name will be added into the card as one of gift sender,and also for delivery expense. If there’s any extra money,would be used to buy another present 🙂
The donation might be only for Indonesian ELF because for ELF outside Indonesian,it would be kinda difficult to send the money due to the bank account.
If you’re interested,kindly directly mention me at @dhyukkiejewels and I’ll send you email for the details.
(Please notify that this donation is open until the time I’ll send the gift)

2. Design the Jacket/Hoodie. If you have any design for Hyuk’s jacket,you can send it to me and I’ll pick which one is suitable for him^^~ and yes your name will be written as the designer O(≧∇≦)O
The design could be send to anchovylogy@gmail.com (please also notify me at twitter) for the design submission,please do send as soon as possible 🙂

Thanks for the attention and please help spread this! ‎​​\(‾▿‾\) (/‾▿‾)/


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