Support for Leeteuk: SS4SG project [by Leeteuk Fanbases]

Hello Angels and ELFs :)

as you know, SS4 is the last chance to see our leader, Leeteuk. and as an ELF and Angels, we would like to give him the best before he enlist the military right? this is the last chance for us to support him fully, and of course, directly to him. This project solely purpose is to show to our leader that we will always wait for him no matter how long it takes and to give a proper support to him as our appreciation of what he has done to ELF and to Super Junior and to wish him for the best in military.

TEUKangelogy in collaboration with TEUKdom and LeeteukSJ_line (Singapore) and also TeukieVN (Vietnam) affiliates with SS4SG will brings you a special project for Leeteuk on SS4 in Singapore. There are 3 main projects that we will held on SS4 Singapore, including:

– spreading free hand banners for ELFs who attend the SS4 Singapore
– having a big banner inside the venue
– fanchant for Leeteuk solo (to be confirmed later)

example of the banner (80x20cm):

Free Image Hosting at
translated: we will wait for you

all of this project will be done by us, but of course we need your help and participation too ^^ you can help us on the venue by participating in the venue and by donating us.

for donating directly, please send email to @
subject: donating Support for Leeteuk project
and stating your name, twitter account and amount that you transferred to us.

send the donation to:

Bank BCA cabang Kelapa Gading -0657146521 a/n Anastasia Hani Kusumawardani
Bank BNI – 0231835153 a/n Jayanti Jiwa Prasetyaningtyas

for SG ELFs, please mention @TEUKdom and @LeeteukSJ_line for ordering our merchandise / donate
for VN ELFs, please mention @TeukieVN
for Ph ELFs, please mention @malinaelen aka. admin Ei
for INA ELFs, through us directly via @teukangelogy or @alfreyasora25 and @cheonsa92
for overseas ELFs that wish to donate to us but not included in 4 countries above, please comment below

even the smallest you give us could help this project a lot ^^

thank you so much!


all Teuk fanbases


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